Reformer Classes

We offer a range of Reformer Pilates classes in both of our studios.

Start with an introduction class to get to know the terminology and get used to the Reformer machines, then progress to basic and intermediate level classes as you get stronger and more confident in your ability.

We also offer private classes for sports teams or for corporate groups, or 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 classes for a more tailored session. The Reformers can also be as part of patients rehab post injury.

We are the first and only Reformer Pilates Studio in Co Tyrone, and in our opinion, a Reformer Pilates workout is superior to a Mat Pilates workout. The Reformers provide more support for your joints and spine, meaning that you can work your muscles without putting stress on your back or joints. Unlike a Mat Pilates class where you are working against your body weight, Reformers provide spring resistance, allowing the class instructor to tailor the spring strength to suit each individual.

You can rest assured you are getting the highest level of instruction, with our head instructor Charlie having completed a Masters in Pilates. He trains each of our instructors to ensure consistency and a high standard across all our classes.

For more information on our classes, please contact us.